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GoFiler Online

GoFiler Online Release Notes

Release notes for both the Portal and Software are available below.

Version 1.5c (01/18/18 04:40 PM)


– Updated to be compliant with EDGAR 17.4.

Web Portal

–  Added checkbox selection to CIK, Reporting Owner, and Footnote libraries.

–  Added the ability to delete multiple objects in the CIK, Reporting Owner, and Footnote libraries.

–  Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause searching within a list to come back empty.

–  Various security and administrative upgrades and fixes.

Version 1.5b (11/27/17 05:21 PM)


– Corrected issue with 13F Tools Filter Function, where sometimes list items were incorrectly dropped as below the threshold. 

– Added additional validation checks to Form TA.

Web Portal

–  Copy, Move, and Rename functions now available to adjust files on the cloud. Folders can be moved and copied as well. There is also a function to make new folders while moving/copying files.

–  Corrected an error when deleting folders so that it displays the correct number of subfiles/subfolders deleted.

–  Updated list icons to easier to use images.

–  Normalized list navigation tools across all lists in the portal.

–  Various security and administrative upgrades and fixes.

Version 1.5a (08/30/17 05:19 PM)


–  Added Form MA, MA-A, MA/A, MA-I, and MA-I/A to the portal.

–  Added ability to open and preview PDF files within the software client when doing Form MA, this feature requires Adobe Reader to be installed on your computer.

Web Portal

–  Lists now utilize cookies to remember sort settings for your session.

–  Corrected issue with File Browser not launching some files to client application.

–  Improved timeout handling when saving files from the client.

–  Various security and administrative upgrades and fixes.

Version 1.4a (07/18/17 04:05 PM)


–  Updated for compliance with the SEC’s release of EDGAR 17.2.

–  CUSIP list is now automatically provisioned from on application startup. If a new list is available, it will be downloaded and used as a reference for 13-F forms.

–  Added a warning on Test File if subscription is expiring within the next 7 days, or if remaining credits is below the low credit threshold. Default value for existing users is zero (no threshold), default value for new users is the maximum price of a filing.

Web Portal

–  Added Client Settings page under preferences to configure client options, this is where the warning threshold can be configured by users.

–  Added search bars to top of CIK, Owners, and Footnote libraries for searching for results in tables.

–  Various security upgrades and fixes.

Version 1.3d (05/23/17 03:37 PM)


–  Added “Look Up Title of Class” function to 13-F Tools, looks up the title of class of a CUSIP entry in the SEC’s official list, and replaces the entry in the title of class.

–  A new Find in Files function has been added to all GoFiler family applications. It is available on the Edit Ribbon under Edit | Editing | Find | Find in Files or by pressing ShCtrlAlt+F.

Web Portal

–  Corrected issue with the File Browser not properly opening sub folders, and not correctly launching files when clicked on.

–  Various security upgrades and fixes.

Version 1.3c (03/14/17 09:26 AM)

Web Portal

–  Added support for the upcoming release of Form TA.

–  Various security upgrades and fixes.

Version 1.3b (01/27/17 04:00 PM)


–  Fixed an issue where the software would set the base path of a project to the C:\ drive instead of the Virtual File Cloud

–  Fixed an issue where software would occasionally not install on first attempt.

Web Portal

–  When a user attempts to log in with an expired password, it now forces the user to reset their password.

–  Library Summary page and Library Preferences page now show the same statistics about the user library.

–  Fixed an issue where a user using another user’s library was unable to remove orphaned issuers.

File Cloud Browser

–  Opening of cloud files from the browser has been fixed, users can now open files directly off the web application to the client.

Billing Improvements

–  Added support for subscription tier levels.

Version 1.3a (12/11/16 11:10 AM)


–  Fixed an issue where the software would not appropriately reconnect to the File Cloud if a file was left open when it timed out.

–  Fixed an issue where software would occasionally not install on first attempt.

–  Added Forms 13F-HR, 13F-HR/A, 13F-NT, and 13F-NT/A.


–  Added Forms N-MFP1, N-MFP1/A, N-MFP2, N-MFP2/A, N-MFP, N-MFP/A.

File Cloud Browser

–  A new file cloud browser has been added that allows exploring files stored on the cloud. Files may also be viewed and deleted. At this time only files supported by GoClient may be viewed. The browser is accessible through the “Files” icon on the dashboard.

Billing Improvements

–  Billing system will now re-try failed transactions when credit card information is updated to correct information.

–  Pricing is now broken into different tiers, with new forms added in Tiers 2 and 3. Prices of previous forms (Section 16, Form D) is unchanged.

Version 1.2a (10/07/16 02:31 PM)


–  Form D filings are now available on GoFiler Online!

–  To accommodate new forms user will need to download an updated version of the launcher. The launcher may be downloaded from the Application Settings section of the Preferences.

Library Improvements

–  The summary of imported items has been improved to better indicate what items were successfully imported.

–  Added a File Number column to the CIK Library table.

–  Added a Relationship column to the Edit Reporting Owner and Add Reporting Owner windows, to show relationship to an issuer.

–  Library summary page now display the total number of entries within all the libraries.

Interface Improvements

–  The left navigation side bar is more responsive to smaller displays.

–  The Dashboard Recent Filings widget is more responsive to smaller displays.

–  The Dashboard Quick Launch icons can now be customized to change which software launchers are available.

Billing Improvements

–  During the purchase process user can now specify billing information and review the order before it is complete.

Version 1.1b (08/27/16 09:50 AM)

Library Improvements

–  Corrected issue with CIK and Footnote Libraries where sort functions didn’t behave as expected after editing or adding an entry.

–  CIK and Reporting Owner Libraries now obscure CCC’s based on user preference settings.

–  Library styles were modified to better match the rest of the application look and feel.

Interface Improvements

–  Corrected issue where auto complete combo boxes would occasionally drop information on page reload after a submission error.

–  Enhanced validation of credit card security code to be compatible with all credit card providers.

–  Forgot Password function now automatically verifies account if it has not yet been verified, preventing a user from locking themselves out of a website if they use Forgot Password without verifying their account first.

–  New “coupon code” and “how did you hear about us” fields on user sign up page.

Backend Changes

–  Made a number of backend changes to enhance reliability and security.

Version 1.1a (07/29/16 05:56 PM)

New Functionality

–  Added a CIK library for server side storage of commonly used CIK numbers. CIK numbers can be retrieved through Go16 by clicking on the ‘Retrieve’ button in the ‘Home’ ribbon while working on any Section 16 file.

Bug Fixes

–  Fixed a number of user submitted bugs to continue to make GoFiler Online as easy as possible to use.