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Combine the Accessibility of the Cloud with the Reliability of Your Desktop

GoFiler Online is a unique EDGAR filing solution that provides your company with online tools for EDGAR submission and data management as well as desktop software for creating and editing your filings.

  1. Use the GoFiler Online web portal to manage EDGAR data like reporting owners, registrant information, and other common form information.
  2. Store your documents on the Virtual File Cloud (VFC) so you can access your filings and work on files from any computer.
  3. Download the GoFiler software for free and work on your documents using the platform preferred by filing agents and EDGAR professionals.
  4. Pay only when one of your LIVE filings is accepted by the EDGAR System.


Managing Data

The web portal stores common EDGAR data as well as all your account settings. The Virtual File Cloud (VFC) securely stores all of your documents with your account so you can easily access files from any computer.

  1. Documents and EDGAR filings
  2. Default form data
  3. Libraries of data for reporting owners, issuers, and Section 16 footnotes
  4. Billing information and payment plan

You can also share library data securely with other user accounts so your team can access the same information at the same time.


Using the GoFiler Online Software

The software is a quick download that is ready to use in minutes. Once you have the software, you can use its powerful tools to prepare your filing.

  1. Open previous filings and EDGAR documents
  2. Create new filings and documents
  3. Import data from other files and formats like CSV and Microsoft Word
  4. Tag cover page data for inline XBRL automatically and use patented technology to create inline XBRL reports
  5. Validate submission data and create reviewer’s proofs to verify submission content is accurate
  6. Save at any time*

* Saved files are automatically stored on your Virtual File Cloud (VFC) so you can retrieve them from any computer. Just log into your GoFiler Online account and launch the software. Use the Open feature to open documents from your local computer or network or from the VFC.

Filing to EDGAR

When your submission is complete, use the File functions to transmit it to EDGAR. Click here to see the full list of forms you can file to EDGAR using GoFiler Online.

  1. File TEST for free to ensure a filing will be accepted by EDGAR
  2. File LIVE to transmit the final filing to EDGAR
  3. Get Mail checks for your EDGAR messages and displays the status of your filings using the GoFiler Online web portal
  4. When the EDGAR System accepts your filing, you will be charged as per your selected payment terms